At our Summer Market, this last June,  In-Detail opened a 3700-square-foot showroom featuring an addition of curated one-of-a-kind findings, including antiques and artisan pieces.  We have partnered with several vintage and antique dealers to put this offering together to provide a unique experience for designers and retailers alike to shop for distinctive pieces available to purchase off the floor, for immediate pick-up and without minimums.

New products featured in the showroom include American handcrafted furniture, industrial windows converted to mirrors and other reclaimed items. The showroom also showcases vintage French doors, plus white quartz bowls grouped with a one of kind mirror encrusted in minerals. As well as over a thousand Turkish silk pillows in a variety of colors and patterns to choose from.

Exhibiting at the Dallas Market is part of our growth strategy to expand our reach to include designers and retailers needing immediate access to product off the floor” explains co-founder Georgina Weddell.

“Putting this collection together is part of our strategy to provide the finishing touches for designers and stores. We love items that tell a story”, says co-founder Kim Pettigrew.